In progress.

I am currently engaged in several research projects at various stages of development.

Public opinion & sexual health policy

With collaborators Leticia Bode (Georgetown University) and Jessica Ng (my PhD student at LSE), we examine how the general public in Britain views PrEP, an anti-HIV drug that is highly efficacious, but relatively unknown, expensive, and sometimes controversial. Using survey experiments from an original, first of its kind survey conducted in September 2016—the peak of public debates and negative media coverage over NHS-provision of the drug. Our findings are revealed in two separate papers (one forthcoming at BMJ Open, and another under review).

We drew upon this research in a September 2018 commentary piece for The Guardian. Our work was also featured in a January 2019 ten-day exhibition ‘How social policy research shapes the world you live in’ at the OXO Tower on London’s Southbank.


Organisational evolution & hybridisation

With long-time collaborators Reza Hasmath and Jennifer Hsu, I have been engaged in conceptual and theoretical work on the evolution of social organisations, trying to better understand the blurring line between society, the state and the market, and the implications that has for civil society, NGO development, organisational sustainability, and even the relationship between citizens and states. 

One product of this research conceptualises government-organised non-governmental organisations (GONGOs) and is forthcoming in Journal of Civil Society

Volunteerism, citizenship & class in China

This newly-launched project involves a longitudinal, large N cross-national survey of citizens in China that is designed to better understand how growing volunteerism shapes, and is shaped by, notions of citizenship and class in the country. It is timed to also explore the effect of China's new Social Credit score system on this behaviour. In this project I am collaborating with the top scholars of Chinese NGOs in the world, including Reza Hasmath (Alberta), Carolyn Hsu (Colgate), Jennifer Hsu (Alberta), and Jessica Teets (Middlebury).