Prospective students.

Applying for schools is a stressful process. It rarely goes exactly to plan, which can lead to frustration and sometimes even heartache. I know from experience.

But remember: whether or not you are offered a place at your top choice—be it LSE or another institution—you will still be OK! Admissions decisions made today will not forever dictate your future career or the path you ultimately take to get there. Not every school, department, or programme is right for every student. That said, I encourage you to learn more about the degree programmes we offer in the Department of Social Policy at LSE.

My colleagues and I are committed to providing students with a rigorous interdisciplinary and internationally-oriented education, focusing on the importance and difficulty of crafting and implementing a wide range of social policies to improve human wellbeing. More importantly, students will leave LSE with a toolkit of skills that can be used in whichever career they ultimately choose: they will be able to think conceptually, analytically, and critically, and express these thoughts in a coherent and compelling way

We also aim to provide a congenial, positive, and enjoyable student experience. This includes the regular interactions we have with students—conversational-styled lectures, student-led seminars, regular advice and feedback hours, and open door office policies—and special events that bring the entire department together, such as bowling, pub quiz nights, and away weekends at Cumberland Lodge in Great Windsor Park. 

So, do consider joining us at LSE and in the Department of Social Policy! Visit the Departmental webpage for more information about our BSc and MSc programmes, and the wide variety of exciting courses we offer for all students at the LSE.