Media coverage helps bring my research to the general public. Citizens are integral to improve policymaking & implementation as: beneficiaries of good policies and victims of bad ones; taxpayers who help fund policies; and (in some countries) voters who can reward policymakers' success and punish their failure.

I’m often asked for comment on issues related to Chinese politics, NGOs & civil society development, LGBT activism, gay & lesbian rights, transgender issues, public and sexual health. My work has been covered by media outlets worldwide, including: BBC (Victoria Derbyshire, BBC News, BBC World Service, BBC Trending), CNN, Channel 4, Voice of America, Al Jazeera, Chicago Tribune, South China Morning Post, Christian Science Monitor, Dazed, The Guardian, US News & World Report, Quartz.


I’m available for comment and interviews, both on the record and for background. Contact me directly via email  or through LSE's Media Relations Office.