I advise and consult for various organisations, whether they be for- and not-for profit, governmental or non-governmental.


OutRight Action International asked me to serve as academic advisor on a project examining the challenges for LGBTIQ organisations to become legally registered in their home countries. I’ve also worked with Out Leadership as they make the ‘business case’ for LGBT visibility and representation in the corporate world.

I give ongoing advice to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on the changing environment for civil society, human rights, and NGO development in China. Comic Relief and Privacy international have sought my advice on philanthropy, volunteerism, and the regulatory environment for NGOs in China.

Drawing upon my expertise in Chinese environmental politics, I was consultant for the Pew Charitable TrustsGlobal Shark Conservation Campaign, which worked to stop the consumption of shark fin soup in Greater China.

If you are in need of consulting on issues related to any of my areas of expertise, you may contact me directly or through LSE Consulting