Press coverage

In order to reach all stakeholders crucial for improving societal wellbeing—policymakers, practitioners, and citizens—research must be timely, compelling, and understandable.

My work is frequently cited in international news media and I am often asked to comment on a variety of topics including: Chinese politics, NGOs and civil society development, LGBT activism, gay and lesbian rights, transgender issues, public and sexual health, and social policy.

Such wide press coverage gives me the opportunity to not only offer insight and understanding to the policy community, but also the general public. Citizens are integral to improve policymaking and implementation as: beneficiaries of good policies and victims of bad ones; taxpayers who help fund policies; and (in some countries) voters who can reward policymakers' success and punish their failure.


Click screenshot to view the segment on BBC's website.

Click screenshot to view the segment on BBC's website.

  • In March, I was interviewed for the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC Two, where I discussed transgender rights and social policy in the UK and around the world. An accompany article as published on BBC's website
  • In January, the LSE's website interviewed me for a story on my recently published research article on the effect of the one-child policy and eldercare reform on lesbian, gay and bisexual Chinese. 


Click to listen to BBC radio interview.

Click to listen to BBC radio interview.

  • In July, the BBC World Service interviewed me for its coverage of recent government bans on the depiction of gay relationships on TV and the Internet in China. An accompanying article was published on BBC's website.
  • A story on the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Taiwan published in US News & World Report (and in Quartz magazine) cited my past research on the opportunities for, and barriers to same-sex marriage policies in Greater China.


  • In January, Dazed magazine interviewed me for a story on the UK government's proposed ban on alkyl nitrites (informally known as 'poppers'), a recreational inhalant commonly used by gay men during sex.


  • In October, I spoke on LGBT activism and issues at the premiere of a Channel 4 documentary on gay conversion therapy in China held at Chatham House. You can listen here, with the discussion beginning at the 26:00 mark. 
  • In September, I was interviewed by BBC for their coverage of a same-sex marriage proposal on the Beijing subway that went viral on social media.


  • In October, Voice of America Chinese did an extended television interview with me about my recently published book on NGO development in China.


  • In December, I offered comment to Al Jazeera for a story on the government crackdown of a 'Doomsday Cult' in China's western provinces.
  • In November, I was interviewed by Rosbalt, a Russian news outlet, on recent government leadership changes in China.