I have drawn upon my expertise to advise various organisations, whether they be for- and not-for profit, governmental or non-governmental. Examples include: 

As academic advisor for OutRight Action International—a global LGBTIQ rights advocacy organisation—in a recent project that sought better understand the challenges for LGBTIQ organisations to become legally registered in their home countries. You can access the report here

I worked with Out Leadership, a US-based global organisation that aims to promote LGBT inclusive policies in the corporate world, support employees who are sexual minorities or have non-binary gender identities, and advocate for greater representation of these individuals on corporate boards and as executives at the 'C' level.

I offer ongoing advice to the UK government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on the fast-moving and complicated situation for civil society, human rights, and NGO development in China. In the past, FCO employees have enrolled in my intensive summer school course on Chinese NGOs; I have also served as a research mentor for FCO staff engaged in independent research projects. 


I drew upon my expertise in Chinese environmental politics, policy and culture to serve as a consultant for the Pew Charitable Trusts Global Shark Conservation Campaign in the US as they worked to stop the consumption of shark fin soup in Greater China, diminish market demand, and protect global shark populations.

My expertise on the restrictive and often-changing regulatory environment in China for domestic and international NGOs has proved useful for many different charities and organisations seeking to do work in China and other non-democratic contexts. I have given bespoke talks and offered advice relating to the legal environment for NGOs, philanthropy, and volunteerism in China for organisations as diverse as Comic Relief and Privacy international.




If you are in need of consulting on issues related to any of my areas of expertise, please email me. You may also contact LSE Consulting